About Canada

Canada is a beautiful and rewarding country to live in, with limitless opportunities available to anyone who takes the time to notice.According to the Economist Intelligence Unit global live ability study of 2013, three Canadian cities are among the world’s ten best cities to live and they are :

Canada has a mixture of multiple races and ethic backgrounds and is a hub for immigrants. Everyone is regarded equal and as such, is encouraged to participate in social, cultural, economic and political affairs. The average Canadian lives up to 81 years old, thanks to Canada’s exceptional health care program; that is three years longer than the average American.

To give an idea of Canada’s vastness, it takes approximately seven days to drive from the East to the West of the country. It has six separate time zones, and in case you don’t have 7 days to drive across, it takes approximately seven hours to fly across the country. Within this vastness, Canada has beautiful cities with all the glitz, glamour and energy you could ask for. Edmonton is the oil capital of Canada and one of the easiest cities to find work in. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are top destinations if you desire that fast life. They are also the home to hundreds of entrepreneurs with start-up companies. If you prefer the more quiet and laid back lifestyle, Canada also has hundreds of cities and towns that are ideal to raise a family and lead a stress free life. To get more interesting knowledge about Canada, click here.

You can migrate to Canada as a permanent resident in one of the following categories.