Maple is TOP 10 in Nigeria – Workspace!

Mixed-Use project in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Buildings are probably the major domino in the puzzle of cities. In Nigeria however, they seem to be unnoticed even though they are interacted with on a daily basis.

As 2019 has drawn to a close, another decade comes to an end and it is Nigeria’s 5th decade since her independence. Sadly, most of the buildings we celebrate till now are still the ones that defined our history leaving the architect short armed in his fight for relevance. People see a good/beautiful building and praise the client/owner but see a bad one and remember the architect. 2019 was a year where social media strongly questioned the architect’s role in our society. They conveniently ignored the shadows of clients, developers, building professionals and other issues over our collective failure and blamed only architects for the present state of our urban story. Remember it takes two to tango but presently, the work of one doesn’t hold value in the eyes of the other. If architecture shapes our lives and architects shape architecture, you know the rest. The architects work is not to draw, they are designers who create and shape the stage for the urban story of our lives to be told.

Client: Mrs Ebi Obaro (Founder MCC)
Architect: Patrick Waheed Design Consultancy (Nigeria)
Location: Oluwode street, Lekki, Lagos.


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