How Much Money Do You Need to Move to Canada From Nigeria?

cost to relocate to Canada from Nigeria

Canada is an immigrant-friendly country, and this shows in its immigration policies. The country offers Nigerians over a hundred economic-class immigration programs to select from. Nigerians who want to move to Canada can leverage this to school, work or gain permanent residence in Canada. In 2019, a whopping thirteen thousand Nigerians obtained permanent residency. This is because Canada’s economic class programs, and the fact that Nigeria is an English-speaking country, give Nigerians an edge in the application process. Do you ever wonder what it will cost you to relocate to Canada from Nigeria? Keep reading this article to find out.

What does it cost to relocate to Canada from Nigeria?

Canada offers opportunities in sectors that appeal to Nigerians and can improve their quality of life. ICT, oil and gas, health care, and other STEM-related fields are a few among the country’s established sectors. There are also various pathways available to study, work or live in Canada like the Nigeria Student Express program that helps Nigerian students get their student visas faster. And compared to countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, moving to Canada is relatively affordable. But how much exactly does it cost to relocate to Canada from Nigeria?

The amount depends on whether you’re relocating alone or with your family. And unless you have a job waiting for you in Canada, you’ll need enough money to keep you afloat. At least until you get settled. This is why the Canadian government requires those applying for permanent residence to have a certain amount in their bank account. Your immigration pathway also affects the cost to move to Canada from Nigeria:

  • Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs)

Eleven provincial and territorial governments manage PNPs in Canada. Each of these provinces and territories decides its processing or application fees. If you’re nominated for PNP, the amount you pay for processing will then be added to the cost of your permanent resident application. Getting a PNP nomination boosts your chances of immigration considerably. 

The settlement fund for PNP differs by province. To qualify for nomination, you must meet the settlement funds requirement of that particular province. Click on  Ontario and Saskatchewan for their settlement funds. Then when you get a nomination, you need to match the IRCC settlement fund. Find the application fees for different provinces in the table below. 


Alberta Immigrant NP ₦0
British Columbia NP ₦347,382.42
Manitoba NP ₦151,383.88
New Brunswick NP ₦75,513.76 
Newfoundland & Labrador NP ₦75513.76
Nova Scotia NP ₦0
Northwest Territories NP ₦0
Ontario Immigrant NP ₦347,382.42
Prince Edward Island NP ₦94,118.64
Quebec  ₦263860.53
Saskatchewan Immigrant NP ₦108, 698.50 
Yukon NP ₦0

  • Express Entry

Created by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Express Entry is designed for skilled workers and their family members. Presently, if you’re without a spouse or children, you need to have ₦3,917,581.7962. That amount is the minimum you can have in your savings. If you’re a couple, you must have a combined sum of ₦4,877,328.8797. That’s an additional ₦1,055,570.6506. Add that same amount to the initial ₦4,877,328.8797 to make it ₦5,932,899.5303 if you have an additional family member. The calculation goes on in that vein. However, note that this is subject to change every year. Whether your spouse or children are relocating with you to Canada or not, your savings must reflect their own share. 

Processing Express Entry profile does not require a fee. But you’ll have to pay a ₦249,383.1005 visa processing fee after receiving an ITA and submitting a complete application. Then for each child going with you to Canada, you’ll have to pay an additional ₦68,013.5729. 

  • Cost of Temporary Visa and Immigration Documents

The temporary Visa is for you if you want to feel the country first before making the move permanent. A temporary visa is like a work permit or visitor visa. If you find that the country suits you, you can prepare your immigration application. For this application, you’ll need documents of your medical examination and language proficiency test results. Find the cost of each visa type in the table below. 


Visa Type or Immigration Documents Costs in CAD
Work Permit ₦46,853.7946
Working Holiday Visa ₦46,249.2295
Visitor Visa ₦30,228.2546
Visitor Visa (Family) ₦151,141.2730
Study Permit ₦45,342.3819
Permanent Resident Federal Fee ₦400,524.3735
IELTS (English) Language Test ₦96,428.1322
Police Clearance ₦6,045.6509
Education Verification ₦48,365.2074 for a course by course evaluation. ₦30,228.2546 for a document-by-document evaluation.
Medical Examination ₦30,228.2546 –₦151,141.2730

  • Fee for Right of Permanent Residence Visa

As an adult, you’re to pay a ₦151,141.2730 fee, refundable if your Right of Permanent Residence application is rejected. You can pay it alongside your application fee. And if your application is approved, that means you’re a permanent resident of Canada. 

Moving to Canada from Nigeria

The planning process to move to Canada from Nigeria can be overwhelming. To make it easier, Maple Education Canada provides the services of certified Canadian Immigration Consultants who can ease the process while guiding and supporting you. We have helped over 4000 of our clients to study, work and live in Canada. Kickstart your relocation plans by contacting us at any of our offices or contacting the visa department.

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