Frequently Asked Questions

Are Schools mixed?

In most schools, boys and girls learn together in the same classroom. Some private schools are for boys or girls only.

When does the Canadian school year officially begin?

The school year begins in late August or early September.

Are there any religious schools?

Some provinces have separate Catholic public schools, which students of any religion may attend. Most communities also have private schools with religious affiliations.

How are textbooks and school supplies obtained?

Schools lend textbooks to their students. In general, you will have to buy school supplies such as pencils and paper. Textbooks need to be purchased by students at the post secondary level.

Is there any accommodation for special needs students?

Students may get help if they have special needs due to a physical, cognitive, psychological, emotional, behavioural, linguistic, or other difficulty.

Are there dress codes for kindergarten and high school students?

In general, children must follow a school decent dress code. Some schools require children to wear a uniform.


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