How To Relocate to Canada Without IELTS : A Guide

move to canada without IELTS

Are you wondering if you can move to Canada without IELTS? The IELTS raises a lot of concerns for international students. While those from English-speaking countries think it’s unfair. Others think it’s too expensive.

English is Canada’s first official language, with French being the second. This is why the Canadian government places a high value on the IELTS, a way to test your English proficiency of foreign nationals. The government wants to be sure that you’re equipped with a good command of the English language to enable you to communicate sufficiently with the locals.

In the absence of English language, the government expects you to know how to speak French at least. But what if you don’t want to take the English language test or the French language test? Does that mean you have no chance of migrating to Canada?

Keep reading to learn what your options are.

How to Move to Canada Without IELTS

Below are ways to move to Canada without IELTS. 

  • Look for Universities that Don’t Require IELTS

To study in Canada without taking the IELTS, you have to look for universities that don’t require it. It’s the universities that usually require English proficiency tests, not the Canadian embassy. So if you can find a university that doesn’t require international students to produce the IELTS certificate, you have a chance of studying in Canada. You can conduct a search on Google. Meanwhile, some of the top Canadian universities that don’t require IELTS include the University of Regina, Carleton University, University of Winnipeg, Cambrian College, University of Saskatchewan, and Seneca College, Toronto. 

  • Get the English Proficiency Certificate 

Universities in Canada now offer international students a different route. Instead of taking the IELTS, you can simply provide an English proficiency certificate. This is easy to obtain. If you studied in a school where you were taught in English, simply request your certificate and use it as proof of English proficiency. With this, you don’t have to go through the rigors of taking the IELTS. 

  • Take an Online English Language Course 

One of the main reasons most Nigerians don’t like taking the IELTS is that it’s expensive. Not to talk of all the preparation required to take the exams successfully. When one considers that Nigeria is an English-speaking country, the need for IELTS diminishes further. You can take an online English language course online instead of IELTS. It is easier than the IELTS, plus it doesn’t have a standard required for a pass. All you need is the certificate as proof of English language proficiency. Search online and you’d find plenty of sites offering English language courses

  • Apply for Canada Work Permit 

Not many people know that you can apply for a Canadian Work Permit without IELTS. As previously mentioned, the IELTS is simply a way to test if you know the language enough to communicate with others while you’re in the country. All you need to travel to Canada for work is your work permit. To get a Canadian Work Permit, you need to secure a job offer from your Canadian employer. This is where things get a little trick, though. If your employer doesn’t ask for your IELTS score, then you’re through. Fortunately, many employers don’t ask for it. 

Ultimately, Canada is an attractive destination for many Nigerians. The country offers quality education, affordable healthcare, and a good standard of living. The IELTS gives you options and boosts your chances of immigrating to Canada. 

How Maple Education Can Help You Study, Work, and Live in Canada

At Maple Education, we’ve helped over 7,000 clients fulfill their dreams to study, work and live in Canada.

Our clients often come to us feeling unprepared for the IELTS and go on to achieve great scores to move forward. You can contact us directly at to help you study for IELTS and facilitate your immigration plans.

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  1. Akolade

    Thanks , am ready to obey all rule by Canada immigrations service

  2. Chima Ugwuibe

    How do I begin the process of relocation to Canada?
    Where is your office in Abuja?

    1. Mubo Olabode

      Hey, for relocation to Canada you would need to get an assessment form from us, after which an appointment would be booked with one of our immigration consultants. If you wish to begin the process you can use the link to begin the process.

      You may also find our Abuja address below:
      AA4, Apo Sparklight Shopping Mall, Opposite Living Faith Church, Durumi Phase II, Abuja, Nigeria.

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