What are the Benefits of Studying in Canada for Nigerian Students?

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Are you wondering why more people want to move to Canada from Nigeria? Based on Google trend reports, there has been a continuous rising spike in the number of Nigerians searching for how to study in Canada and how to migrate to Canada.

A recent report in 2020 from STATCAN revealed that over the past decade, international students accounted for all the growth in Post Secondary enrollments in Canada. Also, in the 2018/19 academic year, there was a 16.2% increase in enrollment attributed to international students.

However, the decision to move to a new country to live, work or study can be daunting without guidance. Trying to make a decision on why you should study in Canada from Nigeria and the process to get there? You are in the right place. In this article, we’ll be showing you:

  • Why you should study in Canada from Nigeria
  • The entry requirements to get admitted to a school in Canada for Nigerians
  • How you can get speedy admission to a prestigious school in Canada.
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Why study in Canada as a Nigerian student

The education we receive plays an integral role in who we become as individuals and the contributions we’ll be prepared to offer to society. Here are 6 benefits of studying in Canada:

  • You will have access to easy and friendly immigration pathways

The immigration process to Canada is not tedious as long as you have all the necessary requirements. For Nigerians, Canada introduced  The Nigeria Student Express (NSE), a pilot initiative for Nigerians who have been accepted to a Canadian post-secondary institution. The NSE effectively shortens the time frame of getting a study permit from an average of eight weeks to 20 days.

  • You will get to experience a high quality of education

Studying in Canada gives you the chance to experience one of the highest quality of education in the world. The education standards they adhere to is why it’s a choice country of study for most international students. You can rest assured that you will be armed with a globally recognised certificate and will be qualified for jobs anywhere in the world.

  • Canada is well known for its affordable tuition costs

For many international students, the highlight of studying in Canada is the low tuition cost. For the same quality of education in the US and UK, you will be spending a lower amount. When you also consider the lower cost of accommodation and living expenses, you will be getting a better deal. As an international student, you are also eligible for a number of scholarships opportunities to support you through your education.

  • You will experience a diverse culture

Canada is home to people from different nationalities and religions. It is culturally diverse and has English and French as their official languages. Though language barriers are often a concern when moving to a foreign country, that will not be a problem for Nigerians. When it comes to safety, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world with a safety index of 58.12.

  •  You will have access to work opportunities

Unlike most countries where there are severe restrictions on being a student and also having a job, it’s easier to work and study in Canada. There is a high availability of job opportunities both for those who are still in school and for those who want to move there to work and live.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to stay in Canada after graduation

You also have the opportunity of becoming a permanent resident after your studies in Canada. Also, there’s room and encouragement for you to stay back and build a life in the country. 

Entry requirements for Canadian universities for Nigerians

There are varying entry requirements to Canadian universities depending on your stage of education and the school you’ve chosen. If you decide to study in Canada from Nigeria, here is the standard process of making your dream come true: 

  • Select a school

The first step is to choose a course/program of study. Then you’ll need to find a university or college that offers your program. You can check out our list of affiliated schools. Canada offers a variety of degrees and courses, so you will most likely find one that suits your needs.

  • Get the necessary documents ready

Most schools have their own specific documents that will be requested when you apply so ensure you find that out. Check out this comprehensive checklist of documents that will be requested to study in Canada for undergraduates and those going for postgraduate programmes.  

  • Apply to your school of choice

The next step is to send in your application to your school of choice and wait for an offer letter. Once you get this, you can then move to the next step!

  • Apply for your visa

Finally, apply for your visa and study permit. It’s essential that you start this application as soon as you receive your offer letter because international students cannot stay in Canada without the required visa.

How you can get a speedy admission to a prestigious school in Canada

We encourage applicants to begin the process at least one year or more ahead. This is to provide you with ample opportunity to prepare and move from one phase to the next. You could choose to do the research yourself and spend your time with it. Maple Education Canada has built a relationship with their affiliate schools over a decade of helping students get into their school of choice. It makes it possible to offer prospective students a speedy application process. We are also able to ensure quality documentation through certified Canadian Immigration Consultants that are always up-to-date on current immigration processes and information. Contact us to assist with your study permit application and if you have an admission offer, please send an email with your offer letter to admissions@mapleeducation.ca to begin your visa processing

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