When Should I Enter The Express Entry Pool?

express entry pool

Are you wondering when you can enter the Express Entry pool? You’re definitely not the only one. There are many others as Canada is looking to welcome new immigrants. Express Entry is the most popular and quickest immigration pathway for individuals who desire to move to Canada to gain Permanent Residence (PR).

Canada plans to welcome more than 400,000 new immigrants every year. This was authorized under its 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan aimed at supporting its post-Covid economic recovery.

Out of the over 400,000 new immigrants moving to Canada for permanent residence, 60% will go as skilled workers and Express Entry is the main and fastest way skilled worker applications are processed in Canada.

When to Enter the Express Entry Pool

Most newly arrived in Canada successfully migrated through Express Entry via the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). To know when to enter the Express Entry pool, here are some things to do:

Find Out if You are Eligible for Canadian Immigration

Before you begin to apply, you must have read all the necessary requirements to be eligible for the FSW program. Find out if you are eligible.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, it was recorded that nearly half of the Express Entry immigrants were made up by the FSW program candidates. The other half came through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). According to CIC news, the IRCC has dispensed Express Entry invitations to PNP and CEC candidates since 2021. As a result, many FSWP candidates are waiting in the Express Entry pool. 

Potential FSWP candidates might think it reasonable to wait for the IRCC to resume issuing Invitations to Apply (ITA) before they get into the pool. However, this would be a mistake. You can get in if you discover you are eligible.

Calculate Your Express Entry Score

Although it’s safe to enter the pool now, the only risk would be your official language test expiring within two years of completing the test if you do not receive an ITA.

It is a minimal risk compared to the reward of obtaining a Canadian PR, so, why not take the significantly rewarding risk?

At the risk of your language test expiring, you stand a higher chance of obtaining your PR when you enter the Express Entry pool than you do waiting for IRCC to resume issuing ITA.

Why You Should Enter the Express Entry Pool

You Won’t Be Caught Unaware

It is not certain when IRCC will resume issuing ITAs to FSW program candidates. The Express Entry pool is quite competitive and you don’t want to be caught unawares when the issuing of ITAs is resumed. 

You Receive an Additional 600 CRS points

You stand a chance of receiving a PNP invitation too. Accepting the invitation gives you an additional 600 CRS points which can guarantee an Express Entry ITA.

Provinces in Canada annually invite Express Entry candidates who meet their province’s labour market needs to apply to their PNP. Candidates who receive provincial nominations can apply to receive a provincial nomination certificate. Afterwards, they inform the IRCC to receive their additional 600 CRS points which increases their chances of receiving an ITA for PR in the next Express Entry draw that targets PNP candidates.

You can Create a Plus Account

Being in the Express Entry pool allows you to create a Plus Account in the Canadian government’s Job Bank. This access avails you of suitable employment opportunities and you could receive a job offer that will give you an additional 50 or 200 CRS points. Although these points do not outrightly get you an ITA, however, it increases your chances of getting it. 

While you expect IRCC to resume issuing ITAs, it’s okay to sit on the fence about entering the Express Entry, however, it will be in your favour to do so. The Express Entry pool simply places you one step closer to obtaining your ITA for your PR in Canada.

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